Facebook’s ‘Lift’ Designed to Measure Campaign Success

January 29, 2015

Last week Facebook announced the release of Lift, their new measurement tool that is designed to help advertisers gauge whether or not their ads and campaigns are actually working, even going as far as to differentiate between in-store and online purchases. According to Facebook, Lift will tell brands whether their Facebook ads actually boost the [...]

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AdWords Removing Share Ads Feature From Shared Library

January 22, 2015

If you enjoy the ability to share ads across ad groups and campaigns within the Shared Library section of AdWords, we have some bad news for you.  Google announced last week that they would be eliminating the feature as of February 11, 2015. Last fall AdWords began rolling out Ad Customizers, which help advertisers optimize [...]

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Facebook Q4 Data Shows High Mobile Click Volume, Low Conversion Rate

January 20, 2015

Some interesting data has been released regarding Facebook ad clicks for 2014′s fourth quarter.  63% of the ad clicks came from mobile, which is about the percentage one would expect.  However, only 34% of Q4 conversions came from mobile (conversions are defined as downloads, sales, and a completed lead generating form).   To summarize, although [...]

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Bing & Yahoo Search Ads Increasing CTRs with Duplicate Text

January 13, 2015

In an effort to increase click-through rates, Yahoo and Bing ads are now displaying duplicate copy in the ad title as well as the ad text. Initially the duplicate copy was thought to be a bug in the ad platform.  However, according to a Bing Ads team member, it is actually intentional and has shown [...]

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Twitter Set to Implement Autoplay Videos

January 12, 2015

Video advertisements have been the hot topic over the last year or so within the digital marketing world, but the struggle continues to lie in getting people to view them. Facebook became the first social platform to incorporate autoplay video ads into user feeds last year, eliminating the step of getting users to actually clicking [...]

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Yahoo-Firefox Deal Showing Early Payoff

January 9, 2015

In December of 2013, Yahoo had an 8.6% search market share according to StatCounter.  This past month their search market share increased almost 2%, up to 10.4%.  The biggest reason for the increase? The Yahoo-Firefox agreement that took place in November of 2014 in which Yahoo was made the default browser across the Firefox platform. [...]

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AdWords Relocates Reach and Frequency Report

January 8, 2015

With the latest update to Google AdWords, the Reach and Frequency report is on the move.  The report was previously found in the Dimensions tab but will now be placed in the Campaigns tab moving forward. The Reach Metrics option will be available within the Customize columns segment under the Campaigns tab.  Reach Metrics gives [...]

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Custom Columns Added to AdWords

December 18, 2014

Google AdWords has taken the next step in creating more in-depth analysis for users with the addition of Custom Columns.  The new feature allows users to “segment existing column metrics to get more detailed insights based on objectives.” Users have the ability to create these Custom Columns at both the ad group and campaign levels, [...]

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Google Analytics Adds iOS Install Tracking

December 17, 2014

Google Analytics is introducing iOS install tracking as a Public Beta to all Google Analytics accounts.  Until now, tracking the performance of mobile app install campaigns has been relatively tricky and Google Analytics is looking to resolve this issue with the new addition to the interface. The new iOS install tracking report will allow users [...]

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AdWords Refining Interest Category Marketing

December 12, 2014

For years now Google AdWords has given advertisers the opportunity to reach specific audiences across the Google Display Network using interest category marketing. Advertisers have always had the option of selecting “others interests” as one of the possible categories for their campaigns, but that will change in 2015. Starting in January, the “other options” targeting [...]

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