Google’s Mobile-Friendly Push Already Paying Off

April 23, 2015

Earlier this week, Google stayed true to their word and altered their formula in an effort to encourage more sites to go mobile-friendly.  The change, that some within the digital marketing world refer to as “Mobilegeddon,” prioritizes sites that are mobile-friendly within a search result and pushes sites not deemed mobile-friendly further down the results page.

Giving sites roughly two months notice, Google announced in late February that this change was going to take place this past Tuesday. During that two month window, Google revealed that they saw a 4.7% rise in sites that were mobile-friendly. Some expected that number to be higher, but nonetheless a solid percentage of sites took Google at their word and released mobile-friendly versions.

Whether the remaining sites without mobile-friendly versions didn’t take Google seriously or they simply were not able to complete the necessary development prior to April 21, that 4.7% will surely rise over the next few months.  With the risk of losing money and traffic on the line, sites and companies would be stupid not to make releasing a mobile-friendly site one of their top priorities.  If you or your company have a site that is not mobile-friendly, GET MOVING ON THIS ASAP!

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