Google Prioritizing Mobile-Friendly Sites

April 21, 2015

With mobile search (smartphones + tablets) volume passing desktop (desktops +laptops) search over the past couple of years, Google is forcing sites to change with the times as they have made adjustments to their formula. Starting today, they will begin prioritizing mobile-friendly sites within search results on mobile devices and listing sites they don’t deem mobile-friendly further down the list.

Where a website appears in a search result is crucial.  The closer a site appears to the top of the list, the more likely the searcher will clink the link leading to more site visits and money.

The changes to the search algorithms will not affect searches performed on desktop, but could have major implications, both positively and negatively, for plenty of sites.  Sites not deemed mobile-friendly by Google should expect to see their numbers decrease significantly.  Conversely, sites with mobile-friendly versions are in for a reward as they will be moving up the results pages replacing those sites expected to fall.

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