Twitter, Acxiom & Datalogix Team Up for Improved Targeting, “Partner Audiences”

March 6, 2015

Yesterday Twitter announced their latest upgrade to ad targeting with the addition of “partner audiences.”  Advertisers will have the ability to target users, with Promoted Tweets, who have previously shown intent to purchased in certain areas through Twitter.

In order to access the user information, Twitter needed a partner, or in this case, partners and that is where big data companies Acxiom and Datalogix factor into the equation. Acxiom and Datalogix track and analyze consumer behavior, providing the necessary data in order to accurately target users with the Promoted Tweets.

Partner audiences is available now for advertisers and can be accessed through the behaviors area of Twitter ads dashboard.  Companies testing partner audiences have enjoyed the results thus far.  Twitter used Nestle Butterfinger as an example, with the recent release of their “Butterfinger Mini Cups” Nestle was able to target people who often purchase peanut butter candy at a variety of in-store locations.  Nestle saw a 52% rise in engagement as a result of their testing.

Twitter released a blog post following the announcement that detailed partner audiences further:

“With partner audiences, you can now target Twitter Ads to users who have shown powerful signals of intent off of Twitter — helping you drive the highest possible ROI with your advertising campaigns. For example, by using a partner to provide the desired audience, an auto brand can connect with audiences that are in-market for a new car. A CPG company can reach customers that have previously purchased products in their category. And luxury brands can limit campaigns to shoppers who earn a household income above a certain threshold.”

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